Are you a new Manager? How can you immediately gain the appreciation and respect of your colleagues?

The success of a business depends on how decisions are made by an individual or a group of individuals. But this is most of the time not possible because not everything concerning management can be implemented in symbols and formulas.

Management means:

– To plan

– To organize

– To direct

– To organize

– Control

Among other things, the proper functioning of an enterprise is determined by certain individuals as “leaders”, who are given the authority to direct, coordinate and control the activities of the team they head. These leaders within the enterprise are the managers or administrators.

What are the characteristics of a manager?

Like any individual, a manager has his own personality which consists of innate and acquired characteristics, sometimes positive and sometimes negative. Some of the traits which he should have in order to gain the appreciation and respect of his colleagues are as follows:

– be a good listener

– Be fair and objective

– Be the first to go to work and the last to leave

– To be the first and the first to go and the first to leave

– Trust and recognise the work of others

– To project psychological security

According to Google’s “Project Aristotle”, psychological safety is proving to be a very important factor in enhancing working relationships and employee performance by extension as it can help individuals and organisations to thrive. When you feel psychologically safe, you can be yourself. You are willing to share your ideas, express your creativity and take risks without fear of being judged by your colleagues. All of these behaviours lead to personal growth, build skills, bring out creative sides of ourselves and help innovation. At the same time, they build strong bonds with colleagues in a work environment where potential feelings of stress, criticism and rejection give way to mutual security, support and encouragement.