The Importance of a Strong Team in Business

“To get together is a beginning, to stay together is a progress and to work together is a success”, Henry Ford had said, to emphasize the value of working together, working together until the goal is reached. So timely does this phrase seem as more and more businesses aim to create a strong team in the workplace, capable of tackling any challenge.”

But collaboration is not an easy task. And especially when it comes to numerous teams, things become even more difficult. One need not only look back to one’s work environment to confirm this. Many individual characteristics are required, some can be taught and some are innate. Solidarity, loyalty, cooperation, empathy and avoidance of self-centred habits are just a few of them.

What does a business have to gain by building and maintaining a good team? The answer is: a great deal. We have all met or worked with work teams. All members seem dedicated and enthusiastic about achieving their goal or mission. They treat each other with respect, collaborate effortlessly and seem to consistently succeed. However, teams such as those described above have one distinguishing characteristic, a strong team spirit.

This way of working promotes creativity and innovation. The exchange of ideas between a group of people with a common goal is able to break away from stale ideas and promote innovative solutions. Working in a team can undoubtedly lead to an increase in productivity. When the workload is shared equally between the members of a team, even if each has a different responsibility, which is distributed according to the skills and capabilities of each member. With more brains and hands, tasks are completed faster and therefore productivity increases.

In addition, stress is reduced when responsibilities are shared. In addition to the workload being shared, responsibility is also shared. In this way employees feel more secure and this has an impact not only on their working life but also in other areas. But the most important thing is deriving greater job satisfaction from employees who feel proud and effective every time they overcome an obstacle and achieve a goal. Moreover, being part of this success, employees feel more connected to the company/enterprise 

Cultivating team spirit is an ongoing process that must be a priority. Get trained and learn all the steps to build such a team. Start with a strong company culture, hire the right people, become transparent, deal with conflict immediately and look for ways to boost morale. After all, if you want to get somewhere fast, go it alone, but if you want to go far, make a team!”