Are you looking for staff? We’ll take care of it!

Staff your business with talented people, without spending time searching for CVs and going through the interview process.

What criteria do we use to look for staff?

In-depth interview with targeted questions so that:

  • assess their level of commitment
  • toascertain their skills
  • toascertain their experience
  • andhow seriously they take this new job opportunit

How do we understand what your business needs are?

We arrange a personal meeting with the company’s Director or with someone from the HR Department and through a thorough interview and discussion we proceed to a Needs Diagnosis of the Company. In this way we arrive at the exact needs of your company and recommend the best possible staffing options for each job.



What process do we follow to zero out the time your business will spend?

You tell us what you need and we do it for you:

  • Search, Selection and Recruitment of the right staff
  • Settlementof legal and administrative issues related to the recruitment of foreign workers
  • Preparation of employment contracts
  • Managingissues relating to care, licensing and working conditions.


We ask you for the following information so that we can conduct the most appropriate recruitment search for your company:

1) Job Description

2) Duration of employment

3) Working hours

4) When are you interested to start working

4) How long are you interested in the contract for?

5) Compensation package (salary and if it includes anything extra)

6) Additional benefits, if any (e.g. accommodation, food, etc.).

We select for you the people who best fit your needs and then we come up with a “short list” of candidates. We proceed with you to a personal interview with the most preferred individuals and together we make the final selection of personnel.

Upon arrival in Cyprus, we take care of the whole process with the Immigration Department, medical examinations and everything else that is required for the recruitment process and the start of work.

Contact us to guide you: info@abicareer.com